This is the launch page for a series of web albums that I am creating. I have had these photos for many years

and I have decided to enhance some with a filter, organize them, label them, and publish them on the internet.

Doug in the Navy 1956

Their Wedding in 1959



As a family, we lived in various houses as we moved around the Midwest

The Dunker family has lived in a lot of places

Doug and Darleen both grew up in Perryville Missouri

1959-1961 After they were married They lived in 7254 Wise Ave Richmond Heights Mo.  Denise arrived here

1963-1964 When Doug when to school in Rolla Mo, they lived in student housing on Nagogami Terrace Mark arrived here

1965-1966 Doug got a job with Delco Remy in Anderson Indiana and they lived at 4502 Pitt Street

1966-1968 The Dunkers lived at 8454 Latty Ave. in Hazelwood Mo, and Doug worked at McDonnell Douglas                                

1968-1972 Doug worked for Concorde Confections and we lived at 4 Storkway court Florissant Mo.   Brad & Keith arrived here   

1972-1973 Doug was the plant manager for Wabash Transformers and we lived at 820 Bell ave. Farmington Mo.                             

1973-1975 Doug worked for Bristol Meyer and we lived at 2130 Lundy Drive Florissant Mo.                                                           

1975-1995 We moved to Muscatine Iowa 1014 Oakland Drive when Doug worked for G.P.C.