I have collected some newspaper articles from the web and would like to share them with my family and friends;

Uncle Dick (Father Wendelin Dunker) was in China on a Mission for the Catholic Church when Jimmy Doolittle and his fliers bombed Tokyo. The exit strategy that the fliers had led them straight through the area where Uncle Dick and several other missionaries were posted. Uncle Dick is credited with helping many people escape the vengeful Japanese army, but there was another priest there who the press speak of.

Father Yager gave interviews and pictures to the press, which is why you will see his name on almost every newspaper account of the events in China at that time. I will be concentrating on Uncle Dick, but let's start with an article about Father Yager...   

This article has some good photos Japanese Retaliate

Vegas Doolittle Paper

Here is an article that calls Uncle Dick Dutch, otherwise it looks accurate..
Dutch?!?! Priest 

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Not related to us, but an interesting article from Davenport in 1925 about the
"World's Greatest Scholar Athlete"  Henry Dunker