Beat Kitchen  9/27/2008


This was the CD release party for "The End of Phase One"

I attended the cd release party for "End of Phase One" on September 27th 2008 at the Beat Kitchen

It was (of course) awesome. I had taken a hiatus from coming to see N.D.I. because I moved to N.J. and later to Las Vegas.
But now I am back and ready to see the best Live band EVER again, and again, and again...

It also marked my triumphant return to a life of debauchery, fun and music, also known as a "New Duncan Imperials" show!!

I found myself thinking...  "I love the New Duncan Imperials, there is almost no way to make this show better...

the only way it could be better is if there were a bunch of hot girls taking their clothes off on-stage...

Well it wasn't much later that my wish came true, out came 4 burlesque dancers.

"Thank you fate for granting my wish"!!


Burlesque dancer #1Merch-GirlBurlesque dancer #3Lady GingerLady Ginger made the confetti gun go off


The Pictures of the Burlesque dancers came out quite dark, here are some of their publicity photos...

Lady Ginger and her tasslesDeidre DollMina Mechante

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