The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir Benefit show   @ the Subterranean in Chicago    
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F-Tesla (video clip)
 We are saddened to announce that The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir was in a serious auto accident today [9/24/2009]. They are in hospitals receiving medical
attention;  most of them being treated for minor injuries.

N.D.I. played their benefit show which happened to take place on Halloweeen, and I made the 3 hour tour.. er.. trip to get there.
Here is the hot bartender who served me well  ( and call drinks too)   This is the Gospel choir  Here is a view from above        and 2 views from below
Bat-Woman                 Wonder Woman            Slash                    Dang that girl has a tall face   Hey, in the center, is that Storm?    Yes it is Storm from the X-men!!
Skipper is here now, so let the party get started                                         Is this KISS or NDI?