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  This is what the club looked like from the street, used to look like until disaster hit....  
  Back in 1989, my good friend Scott took me and some friends to this cool club that he knew of for New Year's Eve. They were advertising give-a-ways, music, fun, etc...  
  Much to our surprise, we were treated to our first ever New Duncan Imperials show. This was an epiphany of joy and madness unparalleled in the annuls of Chicago entertainment.  
  In the ensuing years I have seen dozens and dozens of N.D.I. shows, and if you have never seen them, you are missing out ( NDI Tribute site )  
  I returned to the Lounge Ax HUNDREDS of times over the next ten years. No I am not exaggerating, I went at least 3 out of 4 Tuesdays a month until I moved out of state in 1999.  
  Betsy and the Boneshakers played on Tuesdays, and I also came on other nights and saw the likes of Wilco, Brave Combo, Mojo Nixon, N.D.I. , and many other bands as well.  
Unfortunately the Lounge Ax is no more. After a long battle with Yuppie neighbors and City Hall they had to close on Jan 15th 2000. This page has some pictures of the Lounge Ax that I found online.
The next pages will consist entirely of pictures from my personal collection.
  This is an archive picture of the Biograph theatre, right across the street from the Lounge Ax and the site of the gunning down of John Dillinger. I have felt a chill on that spot ( in the alley)  
  This was taken on the last night the Lounge Ax was open  
  The photo booth right in the entrance was a great way to break the ice  
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