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Me and "the boys"

Kelly is kicking Matt's ass                                                   Kelly is showing off her assets

Some dancers

Goodtime  stage dives WITH a drum    YEAHHH!!            I've heard of this, isn't it auto percussion asphyxiation?

Drumming at it's best

More kick ass rock                               Silly string and Rock -N- Roll!!!

Whoooo's Hungry??!?!?!!!??      Thanks for being awesome    I met Eileen      It doesn't feel like     And to end things
                                                  and running the coolest bar    She's freakin'      a Rascals's show     off on a great note
                                                         (Ken and Julie)               Hilarious!!!        until I see Ande       Jay Wins the Velour Shirt!!!

I tried to get a set list, but they were all gone. Goodtime gave me what they call a "Bitch List"
It's the master list from whence all set lists are derived. Here it is....