Father Wendelin Dunker was my father's uncle. When I was growing up, my grandfather, Barnwell (Bun), my father William (Doug), and everyone in the family always referred to him as uncle Dick. I continue to call him uncle Dick, even though he is my great uncle. My sister and brother have been interested in geneology for some time, and Denise managed to track down a great caché of his letters and writings. What follows on these web-pages are transcripts of 2 separate diaries, that uncle Dick wrote of his life.

I scanned the pages of the diaries, and used optical character recognition on them. Sometimes the results were misspelled, or in poor grammer. The only changes I made were when minor mistakes were made, such as spelling "adn" in place of "and". I did not correct any proper names of people or places, but left them as Uncle Dick spelled them

First Book

Pages 1-20
Pages 21-40
Pages 41-60
Pages 61-83

Second Book
The second diary seems to have been transcribed, from a recording.
It had almost no spelling errors, and was organized professionally.

Pages 1-10
pages 11-20
pages 21-30
pages 31-40
pages 41-53

Family Newspapers