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__ Brick

Swipe, the crippled “Papa” has spent years watching over his children and training them to be good beggars, thieves, and rogues. He had been encouraging them to take on trades and follow their dreams. Each of his wards has expressed an interest in adventuring classes. Meanwhile an assassin has been running around at night and crushing the heads of “Emperor’s Children” Swipe asked his youths to take on the responsibility of defending themselves. He performed some reconnaissance on the killer and came up with some valuable Intel. Swipe has always been good at gathering information, and after he lost the use of his legs, he brought home a super smart raven named Heckle. Heckle functions as his eyes and ears, and brings in messages. [D.M. note;  for the last 20 or so years, the Londres empire has switched from using owls to carry messages and now uses almost exclusively ravens.] After a long series of skirmishes, the Emperor’s Children managed to defeat Esterhaus and confiscate his stash of magic items. The group decided to move into Ester’s Haus. It has all the doors nailed shut and the only way in is through a tunnel that leads into the sewer. To enter and leave you must go underwater, the entrance is concealed by sewer water. Shortly after moving in, Swipe managed to rig up a small entryway for Heckle, it has a swinging door on the outside, and a lockable door on the inside, it is mounted near the ceiling.

Real Date 8/7/2011
D.M. Name Mark
Campaign Name The Children
Campaign Date 8/7/1267
Adventure Name "Breakout"
Player Character Figurine Classes Level(s) A.C. Flat foot Touch Visible magic item Apparent Special H.P. Wounds
Name Nick-Name Description       A.C. A.C. weapon, armor, etc Race      
Individual goals
  draw a picture of your own character, 50 limit 1  
or commission Dave to make 1
Turn in a character sheet to me by this Friday midnight 50
  make a song, poem, drawing, sculpture or 1 luck point  
detailed set of adventure notes about the adventure
have fun while developing your character 100
tell a good joke, pun, quip, etc ABOUT the adventure 1 luck point  
Group Goals  Divide by number of survivors
figure out the REAL name of tonight's adventure 500  
Stop the menace 1,000  
find a safe place for Swipe to live 1,000  
discover the campaign secret ( no guessing ) 10,000