Adventure #2
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Real Date 8/21/2011
D.M. Name Mark
Campaign Name The Children
Campaign Date 8/21/1267
Adventure Name Dial N for Murder
Player Character Figurine Classes Level(s) A.C. Flat foot Touch Visible magic item Apparent Special H.P. Wounds
Name Nick-Name Description       A.C. A.C. weapon, armor, etc Race      
Brad  Coko                      
Keith  The Duchess                      
Dave  Crispy                      
Nathan  Romper Stomper                      
Steve  Peeler                      
Individual goals
nothing to see here, go about your business        
draw a picture of your own character,
or commission Dave to make 1
100 limit 1  
Turn in a character sheet to me by this Friday midnight 100
make a song, poem, drawing, sculpture or
detailed set of adventure notes about the adventure
1 luck point  
have fun while developing your character 200
tell a good joke, pun, quip, etc ABOUT the adventure 1 luck point  
 guess the name of Swipe's raven  10000xp & 2 luck points
Group Goals  Divide by number of survivors
Decode N 5,000  
Stop the menace 5,000  
discover the campaign secret ( no guessing ) 20,000  

The way to decode N was discovered in the note below.