The next Campaign;

Tentatively called "Children of Londres"

The Following books are what I use for source material; Player's Handbook, Atlantis Player's Handbook, Player's Handbook 2, Dungeon Master's Guide, Manual of the Planes, Monster Manual, Spell Compendium, Song and Silence ( This is a "paperback" WOTC book to supplement play of rogues, and bards) Go to "Song and Silence" (File Size: 22 MB)     These are the ONLY books used in this campaign.

The classes allowed for this campaign are the following; Bard, Cleric of Seldar, Yahweh, or the Raven. Fighter, Holy Warrior of the Raven. Urban Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Spy.  No other classes are allowed at all ( in the beginning)

There is a new rouge-ish class I have developed called "Spy" They concentrate on the art of not being seen, assassination, weapon use, and agility. If you want to see the write up for spy, you have to commit to playing a spy first.  A large part of the spy class is secrecy, and the other player characters should not know the full capabilities, limitations, or weaknesses of the spy class.


We will not be using perks and quirks for this campaign. We will not be using player awards on this adventure (MVP, etc) There will not be action points, but there will be "Luck Points" Luck points will be more plentiful than action points, somewhat like the Bennies in Left for dead. You can gain bennies for entertaining the other players or achieving certain goals. Each player will start with 3 bennies, PLUS...

There will be luck points awarded for being the first to commit to a class. Please send me an email committing to one of the classes listed above. Remember that you can change your class every level in DnD 3.5. The first person to email me with a commitment will receive 5 extra luck points. The 2nd person 4, the 3rd-3, the 4th 2, and the last one will get 1 luck point. When you pick a class, please indicate what gender you want to be.

The Campaign will start in the streets of Londres. I guarantee that more than half of the adventures will be in Londres, and it might very well be all of them. You are all children that have been orphaned and raised in Londres. You know the city, the streets, the police, the language, the money, the culture. You can have 2 ranks of Knowledge-Londres for free. Any Londres related knowledge can be learned at regular cost. For instance a cleric trying to learn about "The Religions of Londres" would normally have to spend double points to learn it. A rogue trying to learn about the "Nobility of Londres" would have it listed as a cross class skill (normally, but this restriction is lifted for you all)

You will start out with no armor, and small concealable weapons. You live in a place where the city guards watch you closely, you would never have a long sword or a bow in your hands long enough to learn it. After the campaign gets under way, you could pick up large weapons and armor, but no one will have any to start with.

You will be able to have some small cheap items ( 50 GP worth ) that "Fell off the back of a truck" but you will have exactly 20 silver pieces to start with. You will not have fancy clothes, or dress nicely. You have been living as beggars and thieves your whole lives, and no one gives money to well dressed kids. Your ages will be between 15 and 21 based on the class you chose, you may chose your gender. You are all 100% Human, and from around here. No foreigners in your group. You can be kind, mean, or selfish, but anyone who was outright evil, would have been kicked out of your band of urchins by it's leader "Swipe" More on swipe later...  For those who want to be Chaotic Neutral with evil tendencies, I will allow it, if you write a good back story, and remember that the others have known you for years and they will know of your bad nature. Swipe will have tried repeatedly to teach you the error of your ways and you will have been whipped, punished and shunned by others.

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