Heroes of the Realm

Now that you have been designated as "Heroes of the Realm", you have partied your asses off. Somehow, 18 months have gone by and you haven't had a decent adventure or fight the whole time. Sure you have been asked to scare off some trolls, or wipe out a tribe of orcs, but no real challenges. Between drunken revelry, as much sex as you could want, and jousting in the partially ruined Amphitheatre, you all have wasted time and energy. No one has much to pay you, and frankly you haven't done anything worthy of rewards. Partying is not cheap, and whores like money. A charismatic con man posed as a duke and made off with a portion of everyone's money while they were drunk. However as HotR, you don't have to pay for a lot, so you hardly notice.

It is now August 20th 1269, Circe was defeated August of 1267, who remembers the date?

The Heroes get together for a party thrown by a Royal visitor from up north, all of Swipe's children attend. The Ruler is this mysterious dark figure named Lord Rion or some such and he keeps to himself and quiet, while you all get a little drunk. S the night goes on, many guests leave in pairs giggling and head for private rooms off to the sides. At the stroke of midnight, as if on cue, All the guests are hustled out by guards and Lord Ion stands up throwing off his cloak, pointing at the party. Shocked to find yourselves alone with him in a room with closed doors [THUD], you feel alarmed, and sober up a bit ( except for Stomper of course ). Pulling weapons and searching frantically for spell components, Peeler steps forward and says;

"Who the helllll do yoo think you are trapping us like thta?? Iklll haf yo know I am a Pendragon and I won't stand for it!

At that he stumbles a little bit and sits forcible in a chair [Hummpf]

Lord Ion speaks...

[And thus the adventure begins]

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