Adventure #3 to adventure_4 Muster Sheet 
Real Date 9/4/2011
D.M. Name Mark
Campaign Name The Children
Campaign Date 8/22/1267
Adventure Name Unearthed Arcana
# Player Character Figurine Classes Level(s) A.C. Flat foot Touch Visible magic item Apparent Special H.P.
  Name Nick-Name Description       A.C. A.C. weapon, armor, etc Race    
1 Brad Coko   Rogue 1 19 15 14 long sword H    
        Ranger 2       studded leather      
2 Keith "The Duchess"   Rogue 1 16     long sword H    
        Cleric 2       chain mail      
3 Dave Crispy   Rogue 1 13 10 13 None H    
        Sorcerer 2              
4 Nathan Romper Stomper   Rogue 1         H    
        Holy War 2              
5 Steve Peeler   Rogue 1 17 12 15 great axe H    
        Fighter 2       chain mail      
  Individual goals
write your character's weight down on special 500      
draw a picture of your own character,
or commission Dave to make 1
400 limit 1  
Turn in a character sheet to me by this Friday midnight 300
make a song, poem, drawing, sculpture or
detailed set of adventure notes about the adventure
1 luck point  
have fun while developing your character 300
tell a good joke, pun, quip, etc ABOUT the adventure 1 luck point  
Group Goals  Divide by number of survivors
Release the lady 10,000  
Deny Nemesisi 7,500  
discover the campaign secret ( no guessing ) 40,000