Adventure #4   to adventure #5 Muster Sheet 
Real Date 9/18/2011
D.M. Name Mark
Campaign Name The Children
Campaign Date 8/24/1267
Adventure Name Into the breech
# Player Character Figurine Classes Level(s) A.C. Flat foot Touch Visible magic item Apparent Special H.P. Wounds
  Name Nick-Name Description       A.C. A.C. weapon, armor, etc Race      
1 Brad Coko 2 crossbows Rogue 2 24 15 15 scimitar H   45  
        Ranger 3       studded leather        
2 Keith "The Duchess" purple tunic Rogue 2 18 15 11 long sword H   27  
        Cleric 3       chain mail        
3 Dave Crispy book totin' Rogue 1 13 10 13 None H   31  
      wimp Sorcerer 4                
4 Nathan Romper Stomper golden Rogue 1         H      
      armored Holy War 2                
5 Steve Peeler axe man Rogue 2 18 16 12 great axe H   40  
        Fighter 3       chain mail        
  Individual goals
write your character's weight down on special 1000      
draw a picture of your own character,
or commission Dave to make 1
500 limit 1  
Turn in a character sheet to me by this Friday midnight 500
make a song, poem, drawing, sculpture or
detailed set of adventure notes about the adventure
1 luck point  
have fun while developing your character 500
tell a good joke, pun, quip, etc ABOUT the adventure 1 luck point  
Group Goals  Divide by number of survivors
Defeat,capture,kill Nemesisi 40,000  
Discover N's plot 10,000  
discover the campaign secret ( no guessing ) 40,000  


You get word from Swipe that Nemesisi is staying in the cemetary all day with her troops and tearing the place apart brick by brick. He tells you that the forces at her home are weaker than they have been in years. Today, before nightfall would be the perfect time to enter her home and see if you find any clues as to what she has been up to...


The Duchess               Coko                     Crispy (Cornelius)

The children of Londres successfully infiltrated Nemesisi's home and learned of her plot to gain the throne for her clan.