Adventure_1                                  adventure_10
The adventure begins with a drunken affair, that ends with everyone dispersed.
As the party traveled back across the bridge to the south, and the safety of the walls, the party
met up with some trouble on the bridge itself.  4 Ninjas jumped the party, and within a few seconds
All 4 ninjas were killed.  Running under the bridge were large logs with spikes could be seen.
As the 4 Swipe gang members made their way into town, their celebrity status was covered up with several disguises.
The party heard rumors of Circe gathering forces in the South Wharf. 

Magic from the previous adventure was divided, 4 items.
A ring(Coko), a sword(Romper), a cloak(duchess) and a jug(Crispy)

The party decided to follow up on the rumors of the Hand. 
The Hand were noted to be outta town.  The party explored outta town, and wandered into a wolf pack.
The wolves took down several horses, and like a flash of lightning, 5 trolls showed up and began to assault the party.
Romper and the Duchess fought the good fight down close and center.  Coko fought the smaller trolls in the back.
A small troll, invisibly attacked from the trees, and tried to take down crispy.
After a prolonged battle, with trolls falling and getting back up, the Hand were defeated.

The party found a bag of holding, and within it, another bag, with mushrooms.
Some mushrooms were empowered to give great strength.
The party divided up the loot, what little there was, and headed back to Londres.