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          Welcome to my website. I have been a connoiseur of TV & Film for over 30 years. I started looking at them with a more practiced, critical eye in high school, when I took my first film class. I have taken many many more classes in college, and 
earned a degree in communication, specializing in film and broadcasting.

          In 2004 I started compiling a list of top ten movies. To my way of thinking, there is no way
to compare a movie such as "The Matrix" to "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". Both movies are outstanding, in their own right, but it would be akin to comparing apples to oranges. Thusly my "list" quickly evolved into a list of lists. I have attempted to catagorize my favorite movies into such broad genres as ACTION, MUSICAL, SCI-FI, and HORROR, for example(s). I have then determined what my top 10 movies are per genre. My list is ever evolving, and I will make alterations as new movies are released that can surpass current films and replace  them in my list. I do NOT have them ranked in order of best to worse, or visa versa, perhaps  I can accomplish this sometime in the near future.

          Please remember that this list is 100% MY opinion, and does not reflect any poll, or input from anyone else. If you disagree with something on my list, feel free to let me know, I am more than willing to tell you why I think the way that I do about a specific film, and I will listen, I might even change my mind and change my list.

          I do own every single film on this list in DVD format, and I have been known to lend them out to my friends from time to time. I also own a lot of films not on this list, and no I do not  have a complete list of every film that I own.
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